The Portland Plant List is comprised of two lists and supporting information: the Native Plants List and the Nuisance Plants List.Both plant lists are integral to the City of Portland’s natural resource protection program and invasive species management strategy. 3926 N. Vancouver, Portland, OR 97227 503.248.0104. Growing 6 million plants per year, we specialize in large scale custom contracts on native trees and shrubs, but accept orders on small projects too. Explore below, download a pdf to take with you on the trail, or stop by our office in Portland to pick up a poster to hang up at home. Come join us! Boise Eliot Native Grove ~300 N. Ivy St. Portland, Oregon. On this short walk through the arboretum, we'll meet four types of trees that grow all over Portland, adorning parks, yards and landscapes. Submit photos. Click photo to learn more… Step 1: Select the Post menu to post your extra native plants to the site. %Native: 70. We are a chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon from which we receive a large portion of our funding. City of Portland. 1 native pollinator plant — in terms of insect visits — is a native annual, Gilia capitata (globe or bluefields gilia). Plant roots, create a … Most have a wealth of knowledge about planting native trees and can help you select … The purpose of this site is to help you identify common conifers and broadleaves in the Pacific Northwest. Native Plant Poster. Willamette Gardens 3290 SW Willamette Avenue, Corvallis, OR 97333 541.754.0893. However, some of the invasive species degrading our natural areas are not on the ODA noxious weed list. Pacific dogwood is a native ornamental tree in Oregon that blooms in the spring and can also have a second bloom in the fall. Plants native to the Willamette Valley. Manzanita is a common name for many species of the genus Arctostaphylos.They are evergreen shrubs or small trees present in the chaparral biome of western North America, where they occur from Southern British Columbia and Washington to Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the United States, and throughout Mexico.Manzanitas can live in places with poor soil and little water. Pacific madrone Arbutus menziesii. Pacific Northwest Natives 1525 Laurel Heights Drive NW, Albany, OR 97321 541.928.8239. Penstemon. But looking at the City of Portland’s Native Tree List, one finds the Oregon Ash (Fraxinus latifolia) as a tree that is adaptable to the city’s environment. A few nurseries specialize in native plants. native plants with those of other origins. This is a list of plants by common name that are native to the U.S. state of Oregon. This list is not comprehensive and is not an endorsement of any organization or business. This majestic native tree is best seen in the parklike expanses of the Willamette Valley where their handsome branching structure and noble form are outstanding. You'd start finding them on your next trip to the ocean, to Mt. Much has been written about the use of native vs. non-native trees. Sparrowhawk Native Plants LLC organizes pop-up native plant sales in neighborhoods around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington for eco-minded home gardeners that want to help birds, pollinators, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds by planting locally native plants in their yards. If you have an Oregon White Oak on your land, cherish and protect it! Cultivating Education. Environmental Services Home ; What We Do; Customer Services; Programs; Library; Access. Or visit a local nursery and chat with the staff. Hood, or just over the Cascade crest. In the winter, while not particularly dramatic, the graceful shape of the branches and distinct gray of the bark creates a subtle, graceful presence in the winter garden. Now YOU can be a patron and donor to the Boise Eliot Native Grove. Portland, Oregon is famous for the rich colors it takes on every autumn when the foliage turns beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Willamette Valley. Oregon City, OR 97045. Brooks Tree Farm, Inc 9785 Portland Rd. The most common native trees of western Oregon include red alder, hemlock, and bigleaf maple. It’s also the only native oak species in northern Oregon, Washington, and British … The native Serviceberry has three strong seasons of interest, from the bright green leaves and clusters of white flowers in spring, berries in the summer and striking autumn color. They are attractive and live well in Portland’s climate, though they do grow to be tall. The Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana), also recognized as the Garry oak, is a majestic Pacific Northwest tree found in the Willamette Valley, including regions in the Molalla and Rock Creek watersheds. Native Plant Society of Oregon. Growing Community . Portland Chapter. Native trees are also well-suited and adapted to Portland's climate. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has a statewide noxious weed list, including both agricultural and ecological weeds. City of Portland, Oregon March 2004. Portland, OR 97229 T:503.531.3947 Some plants listed are native to elsewhere in the Willamette Valley and a few from elsewhere in the Coast Range and Cascades ecoregions. Proceeds of all merchandise sales support the educational programs and outings of the Portland Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon. Find sources for native plants through direc-tories provided by the Oregon Association of Nurseries (listed in “Finding Plants” in “Resources,” through web searches, or by contacting your local OSU Extension offi ce for recommendations). Back to Top. Phone: 503-722-3789. Character A small to medium, shade-tolerant broadleaf tree up to 100 feet tall. Every state in the continental U.S. can count at least one native Penstemon amongst its ranks. We're re-creating a patch of nature right in the middle of our city! It may come as a surprise they are not quite native locally to Portland. W elcome to the tree identification Home Page at Oregon State University! Open Menu Close Menu. Sparrowhawk Native Plants Pop-up sales . Another good option is a cedar, such as the western red cedar. Restoring Habitat. Douglas fir is one of the most common trees in Portland and is also the state tree of Oregon. If you are going to plant a tree on your property or right-of-way, consider planting a native tree! “If you’ve got a naturalistic garden, you could have a vegetable garden as part of that and even make it more formal and ornamental with native plants at the edges,” says Portland landscape architect Deborah Abele (503-281-3452). This booklet primarily includes plants native to the Portland metropolitan area, which is mostly in the Willamette Valley ecoregion. Red alders, hemlock trees, douglas fir and a wide variety of other species all contribute to Oregon’s natural beauty. Ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa. Fax: 503-722-3880. Community; Business; Visitors; Government; Investor Information; Site Menu. These sturdy trees tend to be hardy against drought and pests. Patricia is a certified landscape designer with a keen interest in integrating native plants into her landscape designs in a colorful and creative way. PO Box 3040. 695 Warner Parrott Rd. It is intended to provide a starting place for your own research. A native tree, the Oregon ash is found throughout the Pacific Northwest's interior valleys, along streams and in wet sites. Native trees provide many ecosystem benefits, such as wildlife habitat and stormwater interception. Native plants serve a crucial role in Metro’s efforts to restore wetlands, oak woodlands and other habitats. Find local sources of native plants here, including local plant sales, as well as retail, wholesale and native plant seed suppliers. It features beautiful white flowers, which are followed by orange or red berries. For a large-print copy of this document, please call 503-823-7700 (TDD: 503-823-6868). Penstemon is the largest genus for attracting hummingbirds, most widespread in North America, including approximately 270 species. For a more comprehensive list of Oregon trees, check out this Oregon State University resource. Native vs. Non-Native in Urban Environments. Support Your Local Grove! The Native Plant Swap allows Portland-area folks to access free native plants from the gardens and yards of other community members.. … The berries can provide food for different types of birds and other animals in the fall. It can be tough to identify all 65 native tree species in Oregon, but this guide will help you identify the more common ones. Step 2: Select the View Posts menu to view active posts and send a message if you are interested in someone else's post. Ash is a species that is often considered problematic. According to an Oregon State University study, the No. Oregon Forests allows you to sort trees by region and provides information and photographs of each tree native throughout the areas. This is a tree for many generations. In fact, its tolerance to standing water allows this tree to grow on the most poorly drained valley soils, where no other tree species will grow. Native Evergreen Trees: grand fir Abies grandis. Native Plant Examples. “Lone Pine Press publishes this great book—Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast—which is so much fun to read. NE Salem, OR 97305 T: 503.393.6300 F: 503.393.0827 Wholesale growers of timber, native shrubs, Christmas tree and ornamental stock. There are several species native to Oregon… Designed and printed right here in Portland, these shirts showcase a beautiful variety of Oregon’s native plants and pollinators. See the map at right and the key on page 8 to learn where each plant is native.