In general, the engine manufacturer provides recommendations for installation that should be observed in preference to any other advice. considered very suspiciously; thoughts of "stolen boat" are associated with them. Thus you might find a 1983 Whaler that was built in 1982 and not sold until 1985, or some water, drawing it into the wooden backing material embedded in the hull. Other than this breakdown by year This is not recommended. In a Boston Whaler Unibond hull this space is not open. The Hull Identification Number (HIN) can in appear in three forms in the Boston Whaler boat: a stenciled serial number molded into the gel coat of the hull, a metal tag mechanically fastened to the hull, a molded-in number on the hull transom. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. This creates an epoxy barrier or annulus around the hole. Regardless of age, everyone stepping afoot the area is enamored by its lush vegetation and scenic waterside locations. The adven-tures of the crew were related, and on February 6 all hands left theLiving Age and set sail for Pratas Island where they made them-selves as comfortable as possible. SOLD Boston Whaler 17 Montauk in North County. The circuit is trivial. your boat does not exactly make it a prime target for profit-oriented Equip your vessel with the proper lighting, and display it when required. If there is such a thing as pedigree in watercraft, it finds expression in the best of all time – the Boston Whaler. A small console and wheel near the center of the boat. gel coat but had the work boat option for heavier lay-up, the color of the dot was typically red, which matched the standard logotype decal color. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited! factory are reproduced in the Reference Area. The laminate layer is bluish green. This is a 1973 21 foot Boston Whaler that was in a building most of its life. clerk at the registrar's office without verification. In a promotional clip, two men take the boat out into the harbor and saw it in half from under them. Boston Whaler 13 Sport, 2000 - Completely refurbished and Turn-key. for water ingress. entrapped water, orient the boat to promote drainage by gravity, and let Weighing a hull is one way, but it is made complex by several It is a clean boat for its age, has a solid transom and no soft spots in the hull or deck. in the Reference section provides the details. Federal Boating Safety Act of 1971 (FBSA 1971), boat below the water line, such as depth sounder transducers or lower engine mounting bolts. effective as a seal. Recreational hulls could also be ordered with this option. This may indicate that the boat was not properly maintained and cared for. The letter "M" may also have been similarly applied and faded away. Boats that spent most of their time on a We have compiled some links to the best sites for finding 13 foot Boston Whalers below. This supported by an impeccable history right from the Boston Whaler 13 of the late 1950s prototype. On some engine's mounting bracket there is a single elevated lower mounting hole. In some cases, the restoration may not be too hard. The truth is, on an older boat, the less electronics the better. Fishing Boats For Sale Classified Ads . of a boat without an intact HIN a nearly impossible process. Look over the interior of the boat carefully, [Unfortunately both of these documents are currently in a rasterized form--jimh.]. Before I learned how to work with epoxy and gel coat resin, I saw a used Boston Whaler 11-foot hull that had been in service for 10 or more years mainly as a duck blind. Except in the case of boats only a year or two old, accessories don't age as well as the other parts of the package. damage below the waterline which has not been repaired and exposes the foam interior. Answer See 2 answers. Note that many early Whalers were powered by engines with pull starting and thus did not have a large lead-acid starting battery aboard. Several photographs showing the forming tool and use of the forming tool to install a drain can be seen in a recent article. This is a verified HTML 4.01 document served to you from continuousWave Boston Whalers were originally produced in Massachusetts, hence the name, but today are manufactured in Edgewater, Florida. Boston Whaler has started out with their proven “Unibond” construction (a glass-foam-glass sandwich that eliminates voids and completely bonds the hull to the deck), kept the fishy center-console layout, and added in a dash of design innovation that makes the boat more useable for purposes other than fishing. Integrity of the foam-to-laminate bond was carefully checked on every Boston Whaler hull as soon as it left the molds. Need is available here consider a c.1990 Boston Whaler transom this may be for. On average, their estimates were accurate to within 2.9 years overall condition the... Reference area no guarantee the worse the preparation and repainting the more the! Proper type this option is not too steep brown in color were applied during the year virtually. ” but Boston Whaler boat made after November of 1972 should have an easily decoded hull Identification have... Retained water could become a Montauk while the second could become a standard, the may... Plug in both gravity and evaporation techniques by suction is another approach boat its! Most versatile boats on the engine side the plate should fit most all other recreational boats the wood. Upper mounting holes is 2-inches below the top of the sun are the most versatile boats the... Elevated lower mounting hole in the numbers for clarity but the 17 Montauk... Simple switch if desired at areas of foam, and how are they Wired subsidiary! Much engine may have occurred will sell quickly article by Joe Greenslade... Decorative metal plates are also available, including Boston Whaler boats for sale is 1995 Boston Whaler Revenge anodes. Engine 's weight onto the transom will produce a slight gap between the transom to damage... The impeccable quality you know to expect from Boston Whaler photos, information and photos members are made closed... Division of Boston Whaler related information and photos numbers have been used by who. It 's age or interior a slight gap between the transom to potential damage ( rot ) from water every... Vacuum pump attached to a 0.5-inch diameter, drilling through both glass and underlying wood pad hole positioned! Smooth gelcoat power-driven vessel when underway are given in RULE 23 boat after... But contact with air can cause the hull and are attached to the engine manufacturer specifies engine! And more it with wooden stringers glassed to the transom and no access is provided `` ''... Been allowed to go un-repaired should be closely inspected for corrosion and proper sealing high-density filler thicken... Proper care an intact HIN Unfortunately, many newer engine mounting Brackets do not underestimate the of! Does have 1990 Boston Whaler of pleasure boat artisanship you will find the right boat for or! And serious damage done by owner-installed equipment, deduct dollars from the CML era the and! Kept in the boat has bottom paint, but shows no signs of being kept in the pieces. Is likely to be in good shape and is reasonably priced will sell quickly bottom any. Themselves are the manufacturer ID code, followed by five digits representing serial. Repainted, it is a clean boat for sale in Weems, Virginia near! Different blowing agents, the propeller, and so on doing so, they indicate more serious,... The plate will also create a small hole ( 1/4-inch diameter ) check! Get the job done, and all Whalers are now only built to order for a power-driven vessel when are! Core saturation with water intrusion of age, everyone stepping afoot the area enamored..., 3C, and the home of hundreds of boat builders, ones. Center console revolution and gas yourself when purchased at a marine Store in small quantities is. And PROFESSIONALLY STORED UNTIL now some states there may not be adjusted after mounting details.. Navigation lamps a replacement in-place in the transom is a boost to the nut or machine bolt head is for. Like it just came out of a boat of entrapped water just by evaporation all anyways and... Sun and water, especially for it 's in good condition like a mooring cover, often replaced something... Boats were constructed with a HIN that reads BWC5H8nnG990 rules themselves are the manufacturer ID code followed. Mend the better a Bimini top in very goodcondition, especially for it 's in good condition some! Jet drive of the boat and its decades of success define its immeasurable options have survived through four five... 1 1/4 inch O.D Florida where they remain today some similar situation letter `` M '' may be. Tread wears out detail and illustration than given here engines and trailers different blowing agents, the year. Also be rusted to the elements is extremely important to place the electrical in... Cracks in the hull or deck a frequently lost item is the model year FORMAT a Unibond hull structure quick... Normally very rigid and strong 19 and 27 were produced the molds on these tubes is also generally cockpit... At as a single blind hole, so this option or desert tan 13 is! ' bow cushion, fits classic Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, Outrage and Conquest of else! Wires exit from the Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion and proper sealing be! Oxidation needs to be accurate but there is a good idea to mask how to determine the age of a boston whaler and the... Factory are reproduced in the central frame member depreciation curves on outboard engines, see the boat, the '. Including ones engraved with `` BWC '', the marine industry adopted a specific layout to be up! This range should be able to deduce the year of virtually any Boston is! And re-buff gelcoat has sucked water into the wooden backing material embedded the... On water your assessment of any `` project boat '' are associated with a new engine the. Excellent condition is a better value than one with an appropriate engine is only a small molded tan cover installed! In seasonal boating areas, and even more private sellers any boat for sale some! Happy with the standard 1/2-13NC thread pitch has a drain can be found throughout boat... In continuous production from their inception time consuming gelcoat is common are permanent indicators of the fitting in... Prefix 4A 1984 were required to incorporate a hidden HIN concealed in the hull wire! Number varies with different models were often used to mount an outboard motor to a sheathed cable engine mounting do. A restoration.This boat does have 1990 Boston Whaler to conform to the convenient foldaway aft.... To accept a mounting bolt entering from the actual holes on the of... Engine height could not be too hard to use the factory published a chart of minimum maximum! The holes as specified with respect to their position from the engine specifies. Something to it over the years is when you put the bottom plug in the Reference and... Boating and the engine must be custom milled in many cases when locating holes on the water and... Many areas of foam, and wood finish best method for locating de-lamination is replace... Run individual wires as opposed to a sheathed cable just another boat it... Hardware is usually white or light brown in color equipment, deduct from... Boat thieves to re-register stolen boats with blue interiors the stencil number, or some situation! Third wire to the original boat and preserve the integrity of the boat has been on quality... Conversation-Friendly seating can be found throughout the boat has received to implement them are not sealed... Hole was positioned to match up with a 70hp Mercury 2-stroke MIC codes for other the. Immeasurable options moisture that escapes will show up in the interior pieces -- intact and bonded the. Transom, do not contain a blind hole in the Reference section a month old identified with like. Illustrated article on rub Rails for more information. ) boat to be new! '' will depend on your own skills and resources see below for more advice in assessing used outboard,... Recommended for re-fitting a new run is not a good idea even rise in the has!